Become a Participating Site
of the Stand Against Racism™  

How it Works

  1. Any group of any size can become a Participating Site of the Stand Against Racism™: corporations large or small, schools (from elementary schools to universities), government agencies, non profit or civic organizations, hospitals, churches or synagogues, even two neighbors gathered around a kitchen table.

  2. If you choose to take a public Stand Against Racism, you will be listed on our site and individuals near you will be able to find out about you and the details of your particular event, so that they may participate.

  3. Registrants will receive access to a digital toolkit. These documents are turnkey and will guide you on how to organize your Stand. The toolkit includes Stand Against Racism guides and instructions, as well as promotional materials and useful templates. Your Stand can be as simple as a 15-minute discussion/presentation or as large as an outdoor rally, an all-day open house, or anything in between.

  4.  There is no registration fee for YWCAs. Other community groups and organizations will be asked to make an optional donation of $15 or more to support Stand Against Racism. All registered sites will receive access to the downloadable toolkit and your Stand will be listed on our website as a Participating Site. Additional Stand Against Racism merchandise (buttons, wristbands, and t-shirts) will only be available for purchase in our online store.

    Need help? The YWCA USA is available to assist you in any way we can. Please contact

  5.  Help us in our fight to eliminate racism! Make a donation to support the YWCA.

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